Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Beats computers

Yesterday I spent most of the day inside trying, unsuccessfully, to "migrate" from a Windows image database (IMatch) to Lightroom. The reason for the move is that I migrated from Windows to Apple about six months ago. I prefer IMatch as an image database but Lightroom has really nice image editing capabilities, and IMatch is not made for the Mac. Although I have my MacBook set up so it can mimic Windows and run IMatch, it is just too time consuming to move between IMatch and Lightroom. So I spent the better part of the day trying to run scripts in IMatch that would convert the tags and labels that I assigned to many of my 80,000 images to something that could be imported and understood by Lightroom. It was tedious, and scary since I know just enough to do some serious damage (yes, I was working on copies, etc., but you know how it is... confusion leads to frustration that leads to disaster). Well the outcome was a lost day, but at least I did not lose my database.

Today I spent my time much more wisely. I weeded and watered in the South Pas Nature Park. The park is looking quite nice. If you haven't been down there recently, do take a stroll. The park is located east of the York Blvd. Bridge in South Pasadena. There is plenty of parking on Pasadena Avenue.


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Susan Krzywicki said...

Glad you are now in the Mac world. 80,000 images! Holy Moses! Keep sharing as many as you can.